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Psychiatric Services
  • Provided to adults, children and adolescents by Board Certified Psychiatrists. Services include medication administration, medication monitoring, medication training and psychiatric evaluations.

Psychotheraphy Adult & Children Services
  • Counseling will be provided on an outpatient basis to under served mentally challenged adults and behaviorally  mentally challenged children and adolescents.

Psycho- social Rehabilitation Services
  • The program offers consumers an enormous opportunity for recreation, socialization, communication and vocational rehabilitation. Additionally, part-time employment is offered to those who have progressed enough to take on the responsibility of employment.


Mission & Vision Statement 

"Embracing Christian Values, Total Enrichment Services Inc. (TESI) is anchored in, and is a collaborative partner of the community, dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of behavioral health services with dignity and compassion to eliminate social stigmas and empower people to transform their lives."


Total Enrichment Services Inc.

3335 West Washington

Chicago, IL 60624



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