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Serving All Of You All The Time!

About TESI

TESI (Total Enrichment Services Inc) was awarded its 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization status in 2014. The services areas are Austin, Humboldt Park, East Garfield Park, West Garfield Park and North Lawndale communities on the West Side of Chicago. Through its efforts and collaborations,TESI has a commitment to improve the total wellness of the communities it serves through integrated care inclusive of mental health, client-centered support programs and services.  TESI is committed to reducing  health disparities by addressing the needs the mentally ill, the homeless and those challenged with other emotional and social needs. TESI provides Behavioral Health Services, Children & Family Services, and has a plan to expand services to meet the needs of the communities. 


Anchored in the Community



Community Services includes career-oriented education and training, employment programs, and emergency services.

Behavioral Health offers preventive services, treatment, education, and cultural enrichment for children, youth and adults facing behavioral, emotional and mental health issues.

Prevention and Educational Development addresses the persistent academic, social, emotional, behavioral needs of the consumers.

TESI also addresses:

Domestic Violence Services

Services to the Homeless Population

After School Academic Support for students


Total Enrichment Services Inc serves a multi-cultural community by providing wide-ranging, collaborative and valuable programs in English and Spanish to enrich health and wellness and generate opportunities for learning and economic advancement for it consumers. The Outpatient Child and Adolescent services available at TESI assist clients with achieving effective functioning in community and schools, consistent with the child’s welfare and development. TESI Outpatient Child and Adolescent services are designed to treat child and adolescent mental health disorders, develop treatment plans with client and caregiver, and provide effective interventions to alleviate symptoms, provide support to caregivers and link client/family to natural supports. Services also include service coordination with psychiatric services, medical care and dental care.

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