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Our Programs & Services

Mental Health Case Management/Community Support: 

.Total Enrichment Services Inc. (TESI) provides Transitional, linkage and after Case Management services focused on enriching the lives of consumers and their families who have demonstrated a need for mental and other behavioral services. 

After School Program:  

Focuses on academic support geared toward improving student academic level in reading, writing and arithmetic; improving computers skills and increasing their knowledge of artistic expression. 

Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence services are geared toward assisting needy families (women and children) who are facing problems stemming from domestic violence. Services includes but are not limited to individual and group therapy, advocacy, referrals, crisis intervention and community support. 


Programs and Services

Anger Management: 

Services are curriculum-based geared toward teaching 12 critical coping points on how to effective handle anger though problem solving, role plays and in-vivo practices. 

Parent Training:

Curriculum based that focus on teaching parents how to improve communication effectiveness and problem solving with their children. Services also focus on teaching parents how to manage their own feelings and emotions.

Services to Homeless: 

Services are provided to the homeless population via case management, community support and outpatient counseling. (TESI) works from a model of vivo outreach and engagement through interaction with homeless individuals in communities, shelters and drop-in centers. 

What our Clients are saying

TESI helped my daughter who was having problems at school and got failed grades.   Now my daughter is getting better grades and  B student..She is happier than I have seen in a while.  Thank you TESI.

Dorsey Love, parent 

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